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Olympics – Opening Ceremonies, Days 1 & 2

Opening Ceremonies:
So I was impressed in many ways and disappointed in a few too. If you didn’t get a chance to see the Opening Ceremonies, check out the pictures and my own descriptions below.

The tree that was the center of a lot of the opening ceremony

The queen

Mr. Bean was a hilarious part of the ceremony

Team USA!

The final torch bearers (the line of 7 teens in the back), future athletes of Great Britain.

Final fireworks were amazing

Or, check out this video.

Day 1:
WOW! What a way to start the Olympics!

Lochte blows Phelps winning record and proves he’s in London to win!

USA Soccer team

Lochte wins GOLD

Ryan Seacrest tries to be sporty

Check this out.

Day 2:

I’m SO excited about what happened today.
1. World Records
2. 5-time Gold medalist
3. great road race with USA placing 4th
4. Incredible performace by USA gymnastics!!
but I am so sad for Jordyn Wieber 😦

Check out this video recap, here.

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