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Update on the Atkins house process

So first and foremost I want to thank all who are praying and have prayed for this process, from the beginning of us looking for an existing home, praying about building, and beginning that process. We contracted to build a house late this spring with the builder’s estimated closing date in late August and it’s been so much fun to once again watch a house being built from the dirt up. The kids have enjoyed going to the home 4-5 times a week (yes, we go almost everyday) and watching the progress on our new home.

This past week we had a little hiccup in our process with lenders, appraisers, and paperwork that has brought us to a bit of a halt on our end but the builder is still going strong and everyday new things are happening. It has been hard dealing with a potential problems that could happen in these last few weeks but has also brought our focus back on knowing that God has given us this blessing and could easily take it away if that is His will. Please join us in praying that God’s will be done, even if it means this process does not turn out how we hope to or how we have planned.

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