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Unpacked and settling in

So we’re almost 100% unpacked and we’re sort of settling in. Our new furniture that we picked out on the 4th of July and have waited and waited for has not arrived yet but should within the next week AND we have no Internet or tv so we’re working on ALL the projects throughout the house that probably wouldn’t get finished if we did have those luxuries, so in a way I’m thankful :).

We finally hooked up the Wii last night and had fun as a family trying to play a few games. Owen is still a bit to young and Addyson still hasn’t quite grasped the hand-eye coordination that it takes to move and hit buttons to “shoot” or “bowl” at the same time but we have fun.

I’m hoping that when our furniture arrives it will start to fell more like our home and not like a house we’re just staying in.

I am so thankful for Jimmie and Nancy (aka Papa and Nana)!! They came and helped us unpack and get settled and while I had hoped to use Nana’s amazing decorating abilities while they were here we couldn’t get much of that done without our furniture but we did purchase almost everything for Addyson’s room so hopefully I’ll get that done this week and get a picture posted. I’m SO excited it’s going to be very cute!!!

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