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Owen’s 3rd Brithday Party

So tonight we had Owen’s 3rd birthday party in our home with a few great friends and family. Owen was so confused all day that today wasn’t actually his birthday but he knew well enough not to complain when we said he’d get some birthday presents :).

We decorated sugar cookies, we had a dinosaur bone hunt in the backyard, we colored some dinosaur artwork, opened presents, had some yummy dino snacks, and had green birthday cupcakes!

Overall I think it was success, both kids are OUT!

Getting started decorating the cookies.

Our little friend was LOVING the sprinkles!

Blue mouth=Success!

Addyson’s loving the freedom of icing and sprinkles!

Owen loving the dinosaur cookies.

Owen getting stated on the presents.


Opening Addyson’s gift to her brother, great idea. She picked out a doodle pad for him. He LOVES to sit and draw, in the car, while shopping, at home, anywhere. She’s such a great big sister!

A telescope…had to be the most popular gift of the night!

Awesome bathtime toys too…wow he was so excited!!

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