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Owen is THREE!

WOW! I can not believe that 3 years ago I was “in labor” and awaiting an emergency C-Section at the University Medical Center in Lubbock, TX. At 1:18 am on October 19th Owen David Atkins was born! The pregnancy was one for the record books: bed rest from 21 weeks, stress tests/ ultrasounds twice a week, all ending in an emergency c-section at 36 1/2 weeks but was TOTALLY worth it! Our little BOY came out perfectly normal and full of energy. He began climbing almost as soon as he got his bearings and ran before he ever really learned to walk.

Addyson holding baby Owen

Big Sister Addy & Little Brother Owen

Climbing ONTO the play table

Owen standing up…growling at me 🙂

Riding my Mickey airplane 🙂

My baby boy – July 2010

Owen and Addyson

Owen’s first cake!!

A picture I’ll keep FOREVER

Swinging at the Claussen’s house…chocolate and mud combo covering his face and hands

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Owen loving the dinosaur cookies at his birthday party!

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