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New Thru 30 – Day 1

So yesterday, I was challenged to read thru the New Testament of the Bible with my church in 30 days. If you’re interested, check it out @

DAY 1, Read John 1 – 6
Today was great. Such a great reminder of Jesus’ beginning days in ministry.

High Tide in Hawaii

High Tide in Hawaii (Magic Tree House book #28)

Official Overview:
Jack and Annie are ready for their next adventure in the bestselling middle-grade series—the Magic Tree House!

Catch the wave!

That’s what Jack and Annie do when the Magic Tree House whisks them back to a Hawaiian island of long ago. They learn how to surf and have a great time—until strange things start happening. Jack and Annie soon discover the cause: A tidal wave is headed their way! Can they help save their new friends in time?

Jack and Annie travel in their Magic Tree House back to a Hawaiian island of long ago where they make friends, learn how to surf, and encounter a tsunami.


I didn’t read most of this book with Addyson but the few chapters I did I enjoyed it as much as the others :).


Tumbleweeds by Lella Meachman

Official Overview:
Recently orphaned, eleven-year-old Cathy Benson feels she has been dropped into a cultural and intellectual wasteland when she is forced to move from her academically privileged life in California to the small town of Kersey in the Texas Panhandle where the sport of football reigns supreme. She is quickly taken under the unlikely wings of up-and-coming gridiron stars and classmates John Caldwell and Trey Don Hall, orphans like herself, with whom she forms a friendship and eventual love triangle that will determine the course of the rest of their lives. Taking the three friends through their growing up years until their high school graduations when several tragic events uproot and break them apart, the novel expands to follow their careers and futures until they reunite in Kersey at forty years of age. Told with all of Meacham’s signature drama, unforgettable characters, and plot twists, readers will be turning the pages, desperate to learn how it all plays out.

Okay, so I haven’t read a book geared towards adults in a while so this was a much needed read. I had not read the author, Leila Meacham’s previous works but have sense downloaded Roses onto my Kindle.

I highly recommend this book as a fun read for really anyone over 15. There is a little bit of sex in it but nothing even as graphic as Twilight (which was written to teens). I read it in about 5 days, its over 400 pages. This book was so real-life that I had dreams about it. It takes place in West Texas (actually in the Panhandle) and portrays the lives of three orphaned/abandoned children as they grow into adults. I loved it and can’t wait to read her first book too.

Owen is THREE!

WOW! I can not believe that 3 years ago I was “in labor” and awaiting an emergency C-Section at the University Medical Center in Lubbock, TX. At 1:18 am on October 19th Owen David Atkins was born! The pregnancy was one for the record books: bed rest from 21 weeks, stress tests/ ultrasounds twice a week, all ending in an emergency c-section at 36 1/2 weeks but was TOTALLY worth it! Our little BOY came out perfectly normal and full of energy. He began climbing almost as soon as he got his bearings and ran before he ever really learned to walk.

Addyson holding baby Owen

Big Sister Addy & Little Brother Owen

Climbing ONTO the play table

Owen standing up…growling at me 🙂

Riding my Mickey airplane 🙂

My baby boy – July 2010

Owen and Addyson

Owen’s first cake!!

A picture I’ll keep FOREVER

Swinging at the Claussen’s house…chocolate and mud combo covering his face and hands

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Owen loving the dinosaur cookies at his birthday party!

Addyson is a star!

So this past week Addyson received ALL green for her behavior EVERY day. Their behavior is measured each day by the color code of green (good), yellow (needs improvement), and red (trouble). Not only did Addyson get all greens but she also received a star EVERY day as well. To receive a star you must go above and beyond at some point in the day and NOT be moved to yellow to negate that “good” act. This good act can be anything from raising their hand and patiently waiting to be called on, to helping another student without being asked, or for simply obeying directions without having to be reminded. So I am SO proud of just those two things but on top of that Addyson was selected to bring home the class pet, an elephant named Roseabella. This weekend we’ll keep a record of all that we do with Roseabella and write a report for Addyson to share with her class this coming Monday. She has been looking forward to bringing Roseabella home since the first day of school so I’m so excited.






Owen’s 3rd Brithday Party

So tonight we had Owen’s 3rd birthday party in our home with a few great friends and family. Owen was so confused all day that today wasn’t actually his birthday but he knew well enough not to complain when we said he’d get some birthday presents :).

We decorated sugar cookies, we had a dinosaur bone hunt in the backyard, we colored some dinosaur artwork, opened presents, had some yummy dino snacks, and had green birthday cupcakes!

Overall I think it was success, both kids are OUT!

Getting started decorating the cookies.

Our little friend was LOVING the sprinkles!

Blue mouth=Success!

Addyson’s loving the freedom of icing and sprinkles!

Owen loving the dinosaur cookies.

Owen getting stated on the presents.


Opening Addyson’s gift to her brother, great idea. She picked out a doodle pad for him. He LOVES to sit and draw, in the car, while shopping, at home, anywhere. She’s such a great big sister!

A telescope…had to be the most popular gift of the night!

Awesome bathtime toys too…wow he was so excited!!

Settling in

So the last 6 weeks have been a big blur as we took Addyson to her first day of Kindergarten at Westpark Elementary in Benbrook, we closed and moved into our new house and we welcomed our first house guest (of many and many to come, I’m sure)!

We’re now officially a Westpark Wildcat family!

our new place!

our new place

So we moved in without cable and Internet on August 30th. We scheduled those to be ‘installed’ on September 12th. Never did we think that we would have to wait a FULL month and a few days before we would get either on our new street. (Which is why I’m just now posting all of this information…with no Internet I only stayed at Starbucks long enough to do my work and didn’t really have time to just write and play). That was an interesting story but to sum it up apparently when they came out to initially install on the 12th of September we were not here and they saw that it was a new construction on a new street so they just assumed that U-Verse was not setup for us so we got put into the “system” and for the next two weeks we got the run around from the AT&T peeps. Finally we went to an AT&T store to talk with someone face-to-face (Justin had already done that once before and gotten nowhere). So we finally filled out some actual ink/paper paperwork and got the ball running again, I think it helped that we bought two new iPhone 5s too :). Less than a week later we were in business!! All that to say we are very very thankful for Internet in our home again.

On top of all of that we were slowly but surely getting all the new furniture we purchased delivered and put together throughout the house. As of today we have everything that we have ordered so we’re good. We don’t have anything hung on the walls but we will slowly but surely get it decorated :).

Owen is finally getting used to being here at all times. For the first few weeks he constantly asked to go back to our old home but I think after 6 weeks he’s realized we’re here to stay.

Overall we love it here and we can’t wait for you to come visit us!!

our new home…if you didn’t get one in the mail, here it is!

The Last Olympians

The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians series #5)

Official Overview:
All year the half-bloods have been preparing for battle against the Titans, knowing the odds are against them. Kronos is stronger than ever, and with every god and half-blood he recruits, his power only grows.

In this momentous final book in the New York Times best-selling series, the prophecy surrounding Percy’s sixteenth birthday unfolds. And as the battle for Western civilization rages on the streets of Manhattan, Percy faces a terrifying suspicion that he may be fighting against his own fate.
BoooHoooooo!! Great series and I can not wait until I can read these to the kids.

The Battle of the Labrynith

The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #4)

Official Overview:
Percy Jackson isn’t expecting freshman orientation to be any fun. But when a mysterious mortal acquaintance appears on campus, followed by demon cheerleaders, things quickly move from bad to diabolical.

In this latest installment of the blockbuster series, time is running out as war between the Olympians and the evil Titan lord Kronos draws near. Even the safe haven of Camp Half-Blood grows more vulnerable by the minute as Kronos’s army prepares to invade its once impenetrable borders. To stop them, Percy and his demigod friends must set out on a quest through the Labyrinth—a sprawling underground world with stunning surprises at every turn. Full of humor and heart-pounding action, this fourth book promises to be their most thrilling adventure yet.
I am so ready for the fifth book but not really ready to finish this series. These books are quickly making their way into my permanent collection for future.

Thanksgiving on Thursday

Thanksgiving on Thursday (Magic Tree House book #27)

Official Overview:
Jack and Annie are ready for their next fantasy adventure in the bestselling middle-grade series—the Magic Tree House!

It’s a time for giving thanks . . .

when the Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie back to 1621 on the first Thanksgiving Day. The Pilgrims ask them to help get things ready. But whether it’s cooking or clamming, Jack and Annie don’t know how to do anything the Pilgrim way. Will they ruin the holiday forever? Or will the feast go on?

Jack and Annie travel in their magic treehouse to the year 1621, where they celebrate the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians in the New Plymouth Colony.
This one was a lot of fun to read together. We talked about Christopher Columbus, the Amercian Indians (do they still live here?), and the Thanksgiving holiday we know today. Great read!

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