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Girl’s Day

On Monday, Addyson was out of school for a Teacher Planning Day but Owen still had “school” so it was time for GIRL’S DAY! I surprised her after we dropped Owen off at “school” that we were going to do a little light shopping and then get our nails done. She immediately began asking me if we were getting a pedicure. She’s had a pedicure 5 or 6 times before and LOVED it. I told her no, we’re just getting a manicure today because it’s almost winter and no one would see our pretty toes for a few months. She was a bit disappointed because she wanted to “relax” but when I explained that manicures were very relaxing too she was on board.
We arrived at the manicure joint (thanks to Sarah for a great recommendation) and Addyson was ready!
Halfway through the manicure she looked over at me & said, “Mom, this is SO relaxing!”
Man, I love her:)!!

Manicure time

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