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Kylie Jean – Blueberry Queen


Kylie Jean Blueberry Queen by Marci Peschke

Overview: Kylie Jean Carter is from Jacksonville Texas. According to her Momma, she is considered “pretty” on both the outside and the inside. Ever since she was a little girl, actually a bitty baby, Kylie wanted nothing more than to be a beauty queen. It is time for the Blueberry Festival and everyone in town is busy getting ready. Momma’s baking pies and Pa is picking blueberries but Kylie is thinking about becoming a queen. Every year they pick one girl to be the Blueberry Queen and Kylie knows that that tiara would look very pretty on her head. Will she be able to capture the crown of Blueberry Queen? When the registration process becomes confusing for Kylie Jean, she enlists the help of her cheerleader cousin, her grandparents, her girlfriends, and even her dog (Ugly Brother). This story delivers the message to young readers that with a blend of perseverance, family support, and belief in yourself, you can achieve your goals. ********************************************************************
Wow, we’ve now officially made the switch from Junie B. Jones to Kylie Jean. I love this series for many reasons but first and foremost that it constantly seems to reenforce the fact that you are MADE to beautiful on the inside AND the outside. Kylie Jean’s momma always says, “Pretty is as pretty does.” and that is perfect for Addyson right now as she seems to have already started the phase where she thinks about her clothes, her hairstyle and her body and how “beautiful” she is.

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