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Kylie Jean – Spelling Queen


Kylie Jean Spelling Queen by Marci Peschke

Overview: Second grader Kylie Jean is a busy little lady. Readers have followed her singing, dancing, rodeo and acting experiences. Kylie approaches everything in her life as a possible step toward becoming a real life beauty queen. She has the perfect blue eyes, she loves glitter and glamour and she has learned the wave. So when she is presented with an opportunity to become the Spelling Bee Queen of her class and maybe even her school, she can’t wait to get her name on the list. Kylie’s family helps her to practice her words and even her dog, Ugly Brother, gets in the act. When Kylie and her cousin Lucy rescue a stray kitten and decide to share responsibility for it, the kitten becomes a distraction from her commitment to the Spelling Bee. However, in true beauty queen style, Kylie studies and wins her class bee and goes on to win the School Bee. She is now truly the Spelling Bee Queen. These adventures for second grade Kylie will be entertaining to the targeted audience and will offer vocabulary challenges.

Another great story about Kylie Jean and how to properly handle stress and make good choices (even as an 8 year-old).

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