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Kylie Jean Dancing Queen

Kylie Jean plans to be a beauty queen. When she hears that Madame is opening up auditions for Swan Lake, she can hardly wait. She just knows she will snag the lead role of Odette, queen of the swans. After all, Kylie Jean has the wave of a queen down pat—side to side, nice and slow. Her initial disappointment about not getting the lead role quickly turns to understanding that she should be the best swan maiden possible. When Odette’s partner breaks his ankle, Kylie Jean makes it her mission to come up with a plan because the show must go on. The story deals with going after one’s dreams, dealing with disappointment, and thinking up creative solutions to unforeseen problems. A mother still often chooses books for her daughter within this age category. If she is looking for a sugar-and-spice series with a strong girl figure, this one could work—unless she shrinks from the idea of a beauty queen being a satisfactory goal.
This one was sooo cute. Addyson has been wanting to do ballet for a while and this was a good break. I’m loving these books!!! In this book Kylie Jean learned that even though she didn’t get the part she wanted she was still able to do her best and stay in the show.

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