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21 DSD – Days 3-6

10360703_705054086220252_549675513124297277_nWhat to say…well I’ve been sore, no sore doesn’t cover how I’ve felt. I’ve run a full marathon before and for 3 days straight (days 3-5) I felt as though each night while I was sleeping I ran a marathon. I’ve felt like I’m in a fog and can not seem to think clearly. I’m not sleeping as well (yet) and while I’m not having horrible headaches or cravings I’m also not hungry for as much food at meals. I’ve lost a total (so far) of 4.7 pounds, which is good. I know a lot of that is water weight so I’m not counting my eggs before they hatch. Speaking of eggs…I’m starting to not enjoy them as much, having had them every day for breakfast and sometimes for lunch too.

Day six has been a HUGE improvement into my overall well-being. I’m no longer sore and I actually can say that when I woke up I wasn’t as tired as I usually am when I wake up. I was able to focus a bit more today which made being a mom easier too. Tonight I actually took the kids on a walk around the neighborhood and to the neighborhood park and didn’t feel like I needed to eat something when we got home for energy.

So far, so good.

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