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21DSD Days 14-17

Okay…so I said I would blog about this experience but for the same reason I haven’t blogged in the last year, I just flat out am too busy! The last 4 days have been good. We’ve made more yummy recipes and tried new foods but today was difficult because we had TWO birthday parties to attend and both served up some VERY yummy foods. The first party we went to had a all-you-can-eat DONUT bar…no joke I’ve never seen so many donuts (except in the donut shop). Man was that hard to fix the kids their plates and NOT lick my fingers. Then of course, they had yummy cupcakes on top of that and also a piñata but that was an easy no go for me…surprisingly enough I have no desire for candy.

Then on to the next party. They had TONS of snacks, all pirate themed. Pirate bananas, pirate marshmallows, gummy bears, jello cups with little pirate ships, pudding cups, carrot sticks, cheese, etc. Then they had the kids make their own pizzas and they made pizza’s for the adults. It was all so cute but so tempting.

I am ready to be done but honestly have enjoyed the last 18 days and could do it for a week more, oh wait..I still have a few days 🙂

While I’m looking forward to being done I know it’s been good for me.

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