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21DSD – Days 18-20

So I’ve officially been HORRIBLE at blogging throughout this experience.
We’ve kept so busy due to summer that I’m wiped at the end of the day and have been going to sleep so much faster that my late night blogging has been nil. However, I will recap the last few days…they were HARD.

In the last 5 days of this commitment I’ve had the most desire to to just stop on that day and say I did it. I mean I made it 19 days without sugar, carbs, dairy, or as my loving husband says, “We gave up all food with taste.”, surely that’s enough, right? Well, thankfully in her book The 21-Day Sugar Detox she warns you of these thoughts and ways to subdue them.

I will admit (to all who read this) that I did officially cheat on day 17 and eat a few grapes but come on…grapes. It’s not like I cheated with Dr. Pepper or a snickers bar (and for those that know me know that those WOULD have been my cheats before this detox).

Over the last 5 days we did however get a little less adventurous with our meals and began eating some of the things we had been eating over the previous weeks. In that aspect I wish I would have planned better, maybe held out at least 1 recipe I wanted to try for the end stretch but we made it.

Now on to Day 21!!!

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