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A new favorite book

So this a new favorite book of ours, well sort of.  Addyson loved it and was not scared at all but Owen was a bit afraid. Such a cute book!

I need my monster by

I need my monster by Amanda Nell

Description: A unique monster-under-the-bed story with the perfect balance of giggles and shivers, this picture book relies on the power of humor over fear, appeals to a child’s love for creatures both alarming and absurd, and glorifies the scope of a child’s imagination. One night, when Ethan checks under his bed for his monster, Gabe, he finds a note from him instead: “Gone fishing. Back in a week.” Ethan knows that without Gabe’s familiar nightly scares he doesn’t stand a chance of getting to sleep, so Ethan interviews potential substitutes to see if they’ve got the right equipment for the job—pointy teeth, sharp claws, and a long tail—but none of them proves scary enough for Ethan. When Gabe returns sooner than expected from his fishing trip, Ethan is thrilled. It turns out that Gabe didn’t enjoy fishing because the fish scared too easily.


sample page


sample page

Whining Jar

Our new whining jar (Philippians 2:14 “Do everything without complaining and arguing”)

So I ran across this idea on Pinterst AND a friend of mine tried it so I waited until she had done it for a few weeks before I tried it:). We’re going on week 3 and I think it is a success (at least for a time period) in our house.

I took a left-over Spaghetti Sauce jar (see picture), put piece of decorated paper over it (see amazing design in photo), and put their choice of candy in it. The original pinner of this idea used nickels but our kids are not currently motivated by money so candy it was. With every whine, complain, arguing, questioning, or unmotivated cry-fest a piece of candy is taken out of their jar and placed into another jar without a label (so they can see how much of a difference there is in each jar).

The first week we used gummy worms and at the end of the week there were 7 gummy worms left and they were divided up between the two kids. The second week we used gummy worms again and at the end of the week we had 9 left. This week Addyson wanted to change it up so we got Tootsie pops.

If you’re looking for a way to help curb the whining in your house, I highly suggest this method.

Halloween 2012

So this year, being our first year in our new neighborhood, we knew we wanted to stay home and trick or treat to meet new neighbors. We also wanted to invite people over to our home that don’t have a neighborhood to trick or treat in so it was quite a night. I made chilli, cheese dip, carrot cake and Halloween cupcakes and everyone came over to eat before heading out to trick or treat. All the kiddos were dressed to the nines, looking super cute (see bottom picture of all 6 of them).

Addyson dressed up as a Lalaloopsy doll. Here is her bio:
Pickles B.L.T. was sewn on May 21st (National Waiter and Waitress Day) from a waitress’s uniform. She’s a fast-talker with no time to spare. She loves to chew gum, call everybody “Sugar”, and carry lots of plates at once, even though she sometimes drops them. She has a pet hot dog.

Owen dressed up as a football player but referred to himself and the Football guy all night. 🙂


Say Cheese!

Lalaloopsy (Pickles B.L.T) first pose

Pickles’ 2nd pose

Pickles’ 3rd pose

Pickles’ 4th and final pose

Pickles B.L.T & the Football Guy!

The trick or treating crew of 2012

Owen is THREE!

WOW! I can not believe that 3 years ago I was “in labor” and awaiting an emergency C-Section at the University Medical Center in Lubbock, TX. At 1:18 am on October 19th Owen David Atkins was born! The pregnancy was one for the record books: bed rest from 21 weeks, stress tests/ ultrasounds twice a week, all ending in an emergency c-section at 36 1/2 weeks but was TOTALLY worth it! Our little BOY came out perfectly normal and full of energy. He began climbing almost as soon as he got his bearings and ran before he ever really learned to walk.

Addyson holding baby Owen

Big Sister Addy & Little Brother Owen

Climbing ONTO the play table

Owen standing up…growling at me 🙂

Riding my Mickey airplane 🙂

My baby boy – July 2010

Owen and Addyson

Owen’s first cake!!

A picture I’ll keep FOREVER

Swinging at the Claussen’s house…chocolate and mud combo covering his face and hands

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Owen loving the dinosaur cookies at his birthday party!

Owen’s 3rd Brithday Party

So tonight we had Owen’s 3rd birthday party in our home with a few great friends and family. Owen was so confused all day that today wasn’t actually his birthday but he knew well enough not to complain when we said he’d get some birthday presents :).

We decorated sugar cookies, we had a dinosaur bone hunt in the backyard, we colored some dinosaur artwork, opened presents, had some yummy dino snacks, and had green birthday cupcakes!

Overall I think it was success, both kids are OUT!

Getting started decorating the cookies.

Our little friend was LOVING the sprinkles!

Blue mouth=Success!

Addyson’s loving the freedom of icing and sprinkles!

Owen loving the dinosaur cookies.

Owen getting stated on the presents.


Opening Addyson’s gift to her brother, great idea. She picked out a doodle pad for him. He LOVES to sit and draw, in the car, while shopping, at home, anywhere. She’s such a great big sister!

A telescope…had to be the most popular gift of the night!

Awesome bathtime toys too…wow he was so excited!!

Kids trip to Memphis

So a few weeks ago before Addyson started school and we got moved into our new house the kids went to spend a full week with Justin’s parents (Papa and Nana) in Memphis. They had a BLAST!! I think Addyson would stay a month if we let her.
Here are bunch of pictures from their trip courtesy of Nana 🙂

At the Children’s Museum

At the Children’s Museum

At the Children’s Museum (in the FedEx plane cockpit)

At the Children’s Museum (my future pilot)

At the Children’s Museum

At the Children’s Museum (dancing in front of the green screen)

At the Children’s Museum (my future actress on her first big screen)

At the Children’s Museum

Riding the carousel with Papa (Owen was too afraid to ride)

But he wasn’t too afraid to jump on the bungee jump…all boy!


Addyson on the bungee jump

Addyson doing a flip on the bungee jump

Addyson fishing with Papa (one of her favorite things to do when visiting them)

Owen caught his first fish! (He LOVED it!)

The playground at Shelby Farms in Memphis. Looks so cool!

At Shelby Farms Park

At Shelby Farms Park

At Shelby Farms Park

At Shelby Farms Park

At Shelby Farms Park

At Shelby Farms Park (all those things to play on and with and he is digging in the dirt).






















Book list from the last month

We’ve been reading a LOT of books so far this summer! The month of June was probably a record 🙂

So here are a few of the great books (in addition to the Magic Tree House books):

Amanda Bean’s Amazing Dream

Peter Pan


No Jumping on the Bed!

Apples to Oregon

Baby Dragon

No Babysitters Allowed

Martha Bakes a Cake

The Littlest Christmas Tree

How Do Dinosaurs Laugh Out Loud?

Grandpappy Snippy Snappies

The Famous Nini

Curious George Makes Pancakes

Curious George Goes Camping

Clifford Sees America

How to Clean you Room in 10 easy steps

Big Red Barn

The Best Story

The Boy who was Raised by Librarians


Summer trip #1

So I’m VERY late posting this but… the kids and I took a quick trip up to Missouri to see my mom in her element at Camp Barnabas a few weeks ago. The trip up there was great. The kids traveled SO well.

We started the drive with Chik-fil-A breakfast and Cars movie as it poured down rain for the first TWO and a HALF hours of driving. We were almost into Oklahoma before it let up. The kids did great on the trip to DeeDee’s Camp :).

We arrived and got a quick tour before we went into ‘town’ to eat at Mazzio’s (haven’t eaten at a Mazzio’s since the last time I visited mom at camp almost 7 years ago). Then headed back to see the lightening bugs before bedtime.

The next morning we woke up and Addyson got started on DeeDee’s garden. She LOVES to plant things and this was a great activity for them to do together. Uncle Isaac arrived for the day to visit and the kids loved it!

The rest of the weekend is kind of a blur of camp related activities as that week’s camp volunteers arrived and then the next afternoon the campers did as well. We got to swim in the big pool and go down the water slides (which both kids loved). We go to play in the amazing tree house (see pictures below) and the kids got to experience a few of the activities with the campers on the last night that we were there. We had a blast!

Sunday morning we woke up and packed up the car to head to Fayetteville to see MawMaw and PawPaw. The kids were very excited and didn’t like the little trip there but once we got there and got out to play at their house for a bit they were happy!

It was so good to see our family and to have fun with everyone!!

DeeDee and Owen heading down to the Creek

Owen watering the plants

“Gear Isaac” and the kids…that’s what Owen calls him 🙂

Amazing views at camp

Addyson did not squish this one but let it walk all over her…she is such a nature lover!

more of the bug

Amazing tree house at camp

Heading down from the tree house on the trail – the kids loved being outside all day

Swinging on the playground at camp

Incredible ADA accessible playground at camp

The beauty of the Ozarks!

Fun times at the Central Library downtown

I LOVE the downtown library here in Fort Worth and our kids do too! They have an amazing Children’s area and it makes for a great indoor playtime (also teaching them to love the library and to read)!

Both kiddos love the costumes that they can put on and play in at the library. Owen is saying, “Howdy Cowboy!”

Both kiddos…you can see the HUGE bear in the background too…it’s always sitting in that window.

Owen’s first dentist experience

The happy boy after his two fillings…with his balloon in hand!

Owen had to have two fillings in two baby teeth. We found a GREAT pediatric dentist, a bit of a drive away but TOTALLY worth it! Owen did great! The dentist was amazing and without anesthesia we did great!!

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